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Be Prepared: First Aid for Your Pet

Published on 21.10.2014
A first aid for pets is not always the same for every animal but the most common occurrence in this situation is an injured cat or a dog. Here’s a rough walk through of dealing...


Should I get my pet desexed

Published on 21.10.2014
There are many misconceptions about desexing that are preventing pet owners to make the best decision for their lovable pets. Most believe that desexing can affect the behaviour of...


Mosman Council’s Pet’s Day Out

Published on 10.10.2014
Pets Please is a sponsor of this even and will be holding a stand at the event. Come along and say hi to the Pets Please team, The first 50 people to our stand will receive a free gift....


Here`s Five Tips For Training Your Labrador; a great breed as the family pets.

Published on 29.09.2014
The first tip you should know is; as soon as you bring your new Labrador puppy home, he/she should begin his training. From 2 months onward is the perfect time to start training him!...


Here`s 5 Reasons Why Your Dog May Be Urinating More Frequently

Published on 29.09.2014
If you have a dog that is constantly having to go out to go to the bathroom, you should be aware of the problems that may be causing your dog`s frequent urination. First is Canine Urinary...


How do I keep my dogs flea free naturally.

Published on 12.09.2014
A few nasty parasites are all it takes to start a flea party on your precious dog’s shiny fur. Once the female flea feeds and lays 4000 eggs to turn into mini draculas, all hell...


How do I find the Right Dog Breeders

Published on 09.09.2014
Since ancient times, dogs have been human companion and have served various purposes. They have many attributes that make them look like the member of the family. Dogs are loyal, a...


I think I have an allergy to my dog.

Published on 07.09.2014
Many people think that they are allergic to dog hair, but in most cases it is the dander that causes the allergies. Dander is tiny flakes of dead skin. You can find it in your dog’s...


My Dog Trembling and shivering is it because He`s Cold Or Is He Sick?

Published on 07.09.2014
If you have noticed your dog shaking and trembling all over, here`s a number of reasons why this happens. First of all dogs get cold, like we do so they shake, especially dogs with...


Introducing a Newborn to a Dog and Vice Versa

Published on 28.08.2014
Introducing a newborn to a dog and vice versa can be stressful for many people. You won’t know how your dog will react when he sees the baby for the first time. A dog which has...


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