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Help my Dog has Diarrhea? Here are a few tips to help you out.

Published on 28.08.2014
Diarrhea is one of the most common health problems that dogs suffer from especially while they are still young. There are many causes for diarrhea to occur like change in diet, parasites...


Hachi: A Dog’s Tale – A True Story of Loyalty

Published on 24.08.2014
In 2009, a new blockbuster hit the movie theater screens entitled Hachi: A Dog’s Tale is a true story of loyalty, a movie about a man’s bond with an abandoned dog he decides...


Paws in the Park 24th August 2014.

Published on 14.08.2014
Paws in the Park is coming up across Australia on the 24th August 2014 Pets Please is a Gold Sponsors of the event, and will be at the Camden NSW Paws in the Park event. Make sure you...


What pests can effect my dogs and cats in summer.

Published on 13.08.2014
Summer is on the way which means you and your pets are sure to be out and about enjoying the beautiful surroundings. However, this season also brings with it those pests that pester...


What to look for when choosing a Pet and Dog Boarding facility.

Published on 11.08.2014
Sometimes, you may need to go away and leave your dog or pet in someone else’s care. This may be a very difficult decision for you and the pet. To ensure that everything runs...


What To Look For in a Pet Sitter

Published on 11.08.2014
You and your family are planning a vacation but can’t take your pet along? Leaving behind your pet alone is always a difficult decision as you can’t be sure if somebody...


What Triggers Dog Aggression?

Published on 11.08.2014
What triggers dog aggression? This is a question that any dog owner will ask themselves at some point as every dog will have moments where it will show it is unhappy by barking, growling,...


Most Famous Celebrity Pets

Published on 11.08.2014
Stars around the world are well known for loving their pets and they do tend to appear in all kinds of photo shoots with them or magazine stories showing their home life. It can often...


Working the Goats with the Best Herding Dogs Breeds.

Published on 08.07.2014
Anyone who has worked with goats will agree they are probably the most mischievous of all domesticated animals. A herd will never miss escapees, stubborn bucks, and a few renegades....


How can I stop my dog from barking

Published on 02.07.2014
Man’s best friend isn’t always at their best behavior When they get excited or troubled, there’s an incessant need to express it. Barking could mean many things. It...


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