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Doga: Yoga for Dogs

Published on 02.07.2014
It appears that humans are not the only ones who can do yoga but dogs as well. Doga, which is the term used to refer to the practice of yoga with pet dogs, is quite popular with many...


What should I do when excerising my pet.

Published on 12.06.2014
Our pets benefit from exercise as much as their mortal keepers do. Besides the health aspect, other benefits include not having an errant, disruptive, overweight, pet that chews on...


My first dog, what am I to do? What do I need?

Published on 12.06.2014
What animal lovers usually forget is that behind the cuteness lies a whole lot of responsibility. Luckily, there are tools to help pet owners deal with the new wave of house hold chores...


How can I Exercising my Dog Inside the House.

Published on 19.02.2014
Just like humans, dogs need their daily exercise to be able to maintain a healthy state of being. A regular walk to the park or jogging in the morning is essential to keep your pet...


Who's Smarter Dogs or Cats?

Published on 19.02.2014
This question has raised debates between dog lovers and cat huggers. It’s really not sensible to compare an apple to an orange, or a bamboo to an oak tree. Rating the intelligence...


Heroic Dog Stories

Published on 19.02.2014
Dogs have continually proven their position in human society as man’s best friend. Almost every day there would be news about how a dog had saved a man’s life. Here are...


Is my dog sick.

Published on 19.02.2014
Your canine companion can’t always express himself when it’s ill. It jumps at you to express happiness upon seeing you. It sniffs on a person’s clothing or skin to...


What food should I not feed to my dog.

Published on 19.02.2014
People often have a soft spot for their pets especially when they are giving them those sad, soulful look while preparing a meal or having dinner. This usually leads them to giving...


My Dog is a Superstar how do I get them into Modeling

Published on 18.02.2014
If you think that your pooch deserves to be in the spotlight, get right on training it to be a dog model. It is fun, you can earn some money and you get to be the manager of an uncomplaining...


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