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Why advertise online?

There are many reasons why online advertising should form a vital part of any marketing and communications plan. It is the easiest and most commercial way to reach your targeted audience while being able to track the success of your marketing campaign. You also have the option to change your advertising at any time with no extra cost.

Pets Please online advertising is a cost effective solution that is easy to track results. There are a range of benefits for your business including:

·        Gaining an advantage over your competitors

·        Attaining increased traffic to your website

·        Tracking the exact number of impressions and clicks from your web banner

·        The ability to change your web banner if required

·        Attracting more quality sales leads from a select market

·        Increasing business profitability

Why advertise your business on Pets Please?

We can tailor your advertising location on Pets Please to coincide with your target market, therefore maximising the effectiveness of your marketing dollar.

You pay a flat monthly rate, so no surprises, you can place your web banner in the location that best suits your business to get the absolute best results.

No better way to target the right people, the pet owners of Australia here on Pets Please.

Where can I advertise on Pets Please?

Company profile page

You can very easily set up a company profile page within Pet Shops, Pet Services and Pet Friendly Accommodation.

A company profile page includes:

·        Company logo

·        3 banners at the top of your page

·        20 photos

·        2 YouTube videos

·        Updatable news section

·        Update as often as you like at no extra cost

In addition to the above features, Pet Shops allows you to sell products via the Pets Please website. It links all your Pet Products listings to a single page, linking an unlimited number of products together. Pet Shops have market place features, with the ability to accept credit card or PayPal payment through PayPal immediately. Set product quantities, choice of a flat rate shipping or per item shipping.

Once you have set up your Pet Shop page simply list all your products in the Pet Products section and it will automatically link them back to your Pet Shop page.

For your company profile to appear in these sections is only $100 per year.

Feature your company profile page for an additional $10 per month which will keep your company highlighted at the top of the section.

Create a profile page

Other advertising options

Display banner advertising throughout the website, monthly newsletter, sponsorship of Pet Of The Week on the website and social media, or sit in a section that is specific to your product to hit your target market.

Pets Please is committed to working with our clients to develop an advertising package to deliver the best marketing and communications campaign to suit your business.

Web Banner sizing available


Leaderboard – 728(w) x 90 pixels(h)

Category Page

Leaderboard – 728(w) x 90 pixels(h)

Medium Rectangle – 300(w) x 250(h) pixels

Category & Pet Type Page

Leaderboard – 728(w) x 90(h) pixels

Medium Rectangle – 300(w) x 250(h) pixels


To discuss your advertising requirements please contact, Callum Sherwood [email protected] to tailor an affordable package for your business today.