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Fish for sale

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South American oscar

American Cichlids (Tropical Fish) $200.00 AUD
I have a South American Oscar for sale with the tank filter all accessories and Pleco fish. Please see pics
Gold Coast, Queensland
Date Listed: 14-02-2017


African Cichlids Miscellaneous (Riftlake Cichlid Fish) $35.00 AUD
F1 Kavala Island Frontosa Cichlids available in a few weeks. Will hold for deposit. 35 each or 4 or more $30 each
PAKENHAM, Victoria
Date Listed: 28-06-2016

Koi carp

$50.00 AUD
I have numerous gold and lemon ogons for sale. Sizes range from 20cm to 50cm. Both male and female. Most females are full of roe and ready to spawn. Must sell due to this years breeding and have to make room for my next generation to come through
Warrawong, New South Wales
Date Listed: 25-01-2016

Firebird from breeder!

African Cichlid Lake Malawi (Riftlake Cichlid Fish) $6.50 AUD
I have some nice quality Aulonocara Jacobfreibergi, better known as Eureka Red Peacock or Firebird Peacock, available for sale. Together with Dragons Blood, this is one of my favourite Peacocks. The photo in the ad is of an adult breeding male for reference. The fry will need a bit of growing to...
Ormeau, Queensland
Date Listed: 11-12-2014

Hongi.....beautiful African Cichlids

African Cichlid Lake Malawi (Riftlake Cichlid Fish) $6.00 AUD
------- FINTASTIC CICHLIDS ORMEAU – Like us on Facebook ------- I have some great quality Labidochromis Hongi available for sale. A stunning African Cichlid that is hardy and quite easy to breed. Limited amount of fry available, sold unsexed but will be a good mix: About 30-40mm........ ...
Ormeau, Queensland
Date Listed: 11-12-2014

Black Bar Red Top Zebra......great African Cichlid

African Cichlid Lake Malawi (Riftlake Cichlid Fish) $6.50 AUD
------- FINTASTIC CICHLIDS ORMEAU – Like us on Facebook ------- I have some great quality Black Bar Red Top Zebras available for sale. Not many of these stunning African Cichlids around these days and you don’t often find them in Aquarium shops. Limited amount of fry available, sold unsexed ...
Ormeau, Queensland
Date Listed: 11-12-2014

Hemi. Oxyrhynchus......very rare African Cichlid!

African Cichlid Lake Malawi (Riftlake Cichlid Fish) $18.00 AUD
------- FINTASTIC CICHLIDS ORMEAU – Like us on Facebook ------- I have some great quality Hemi. Oxyrhynchus available for sale. This is a very very rare and stunning African Cichlid that you won’t find in Aquarium shops. The males are beautiful and majestic as display fish or great for someone i...
Ormeau, Queensland
Date Listed: 11-12-2014

African Cichlids.........20+ colourful types.

African Cichlid Lake Malawi (Riftlake Cichlid Fish) $6.00 AUD
FINTASTIC CICHLIDS ORMEAU – Like us on Facebook! I have lots of colorful African Cichlids available for sale. I breed them and also supply some of the better aquarium shops in South East Queensland, so my fish are great quality. However, please note that I’m not like a shop as I always have the...
Ormeau, Queensland
Date Listed: 28-02-2014

Fish for Sale

Studies have shown that a fish tank in a household can help to reduce anxiety and depression. If you want to improve the atmosphere in your house, you should consider buying fish and taking care of them.

Whether you want a South American Oscar, Koi Carp, Firebird Peacocks, or the beautiful African Cichlids in your tank, we've got a list that will help you determine the best pet fish to buy and take care.

Before you start browsing for possible fishes to a pet in your house, we've listed a few pointers that will help you take care of your fishes better, especially if you are a first-time fish pet owner.

  1. Cycle the tank properly.
    Cycling the tank is different from what you see in the movies. It's not only filling a glass bowl with water and plopping your fish inside. Cycling your tank includes adding gravel and filter before the water. It is vital that you allow the bacteria to breed in the gravel and the screen. A tank starter can help. Maintaining proper temperature and pH level for your fishes are essential. Adequate lighting can also do wonders.

  2. Provide ample amount of elbow room.
    While the pretty, tiny glass bowls look great, it is not recommended for pet fish owners. As much as possible, you should buy the biggest fish tank that your budget will allow you to. In that way, your fishes will have plenty of elbow room. It is also useful if you are planning to grow your fish collection in the future.

  3. Learn to segregate your fish.
    Segregation is essential in fishes. Mixing goldfishes and betas in one tank will only result in trouble. As much as possible, keep all fishes of general size and breed in one tank. If you can buy another tank for your more aggressive and larger fishes, it is also recommended. Keeping separate environments will help to keep your fishes comfortable and happy.

  4. Feed them properly.
    When buying fish food, we highly recommend that you try a variety of fish food products in the market. That being said, try to add some flakes, fresh and freeze-dried foods, and some pellets. Be wary of overfeeding your fishes. One indicator that you’re overfeeding your pet fishes is when you see the food floating. Try to minimize the food you give to them and see how much they can consume.

  5. Monitor the water.
    If you want to keep your fish healthy, make sure to monitor the water properly. They need healthy water to survive. Monitoring the water includes checking the pH level, nitrite, and ammonia levels as well. An at-home test kit can give you the data that you need. Or you can visit the nearest pest shop in your area and submit a water sample for testing. Make sure that you make the necessary adjustments to the data received.

  6. Keep them healthy.
    Always keep an eye on your fishes, especially for bullying. Sometimes, larger fishes dominate over the younger and smaller ones. It happens a lot, especially when you don't separate your fishes in a tank. Also, make sure that your fishes are healthy and free from any fungal, bacterial, and parasitic infections. If you notice that one of your fishes is ill, make sure to quarantine it immediately. Place it in another tank to avoid the spread of infection and contact your local pet shop to see what you can do. Fishes who can't stay upright or who are already floating at the water surface should be considered a red flag and must be tended immediately.