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The Problems Dogs Can Have With Their Eyes

Published on 27.09.2015
There are many dog breeds that are more prone to getting eye problems than other breeds, but a common eye condition all dogs can get is conjunctivitis. If your dog has swollen, red...


Things You Can Do To Help Curb Your Pet`s Flatulence

Published on 27.09.2015
As your pet is eating, he is also swallowing oxygen, nitrogen and other gasses. About all of the oxygen is quickly absorbed through the intestinal wall, into the bloodstream. Nitrogen...


Understanding Your Dog`s Food Allergies And Feeding Trials

Published on 27.09.2015
If your dog has food allergies, his immune system is reacting to the food. This is not the same thing as food intolerance, like lactose intolerance. Of all the allergies dogs have,...


How to take care of your pets in Summer.

Published on 17.09.2015
Summer is in the air and if you think you are the only one who feels the summer heat think again. Your pet is also prone to the sweltering summer sun and without proper protection your...


10 Easy Dog Tricks

Published on 29.08.2015
Dog training isn't just about teaching your dog the basics like sit, come, down and stay. As a matter of fact there are plenty of other tricks that you can teach your pet pooch...


One Important Area Of Your Dog`s Grooming Regimen; Trimming Those Nails!

Published on 29.08.2015
This is one of the most important areas of your dog`s grooming session, but you should be careful not to hit the quick. This is the name given to the blood vessels within your dog`s...


Spoiling Your Pet

Published on 20.07.2015
Pet owners are obsessed with new and outrageous things that are available for purchase. Pet amenities and products are no exception. There are designer clothes, designer collars with...


Is Your Puppy or Dog Chewing You Out Of House and Home? Things You Can Do To Stop It!

Published on 13.04.2015
Do you have a problem with your dog or puppy chewing things they shouldn`t be chewing? Many dog owners have had their furniture, shoes, and other non-food items ruined because of this...


Find out why your dog sometimes drags their rear-end

Published on 16.03.2015
Most dog owners have seen a dog drag his rear-end across the ground or floor, but don`t have a clue why they are doing this. It is because the dog is trying to empty his anal glands....


Keep Your Pets Safe This New Year

Published on 30.12.2014
As we enjoy the excitement of the fireworks many pets with much more sensitive hearing than ours find this time scary and stressful, the noise of the fireworks can send them into a...


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