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We hope you find this information helpful when using the Pets Please site. Should you require further assistance please contact our team at [email protected].


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Register for a Pets Please Account

Click here to register for a Pets Please account, It’s FREE. To register we need your name, email address, contact number and location details. Here you will choose a username and password which will be required when logging into ‘My PetsPlease’.

Create your listing

·         Login to your account

·         Select Create a Listing

·         Choose a category

·         Select a subcategory

·         Fill in all the details

·         Then press "Continue" at the bottom of the page

·         Place YouTube videos and up to 20 photos

·         Then press "Continue" at the bottom of the page

·         Your listing will only cost $5 until sold, or you can choose to feature your listing for $10 per month

·         Then press "Submit Listing"

·         You will then receive on your screen a message "You have submitted your listing sucecessfully, Thanks!", plus an email will be sent to you.

Listing Details


Your title will be visible to prospective buyers when they are browsing through search results. Your title provides a small amount of information to buyers about your listing.


You can use up to 2,000 characters to write your description. Included in your description may be achievements and temperament. Use clear language to convey your message. Dot points are easy to read and write. Use correct spelling, grammar and punctuation where possible.


The price you advertise your Pet or item is important, however it can be hard to accurately determine. Searching similar listings and conducting some external research may be helpful to make an educated decision about a genuine price. If you haven’t had any enquiries after a few weeks it is possible that your price is too high.

Choose Off-Site Payment Options

Select which payment options you will accept.

Contact & Location Information

This field will be automatic as per your account. If it is a different address, you will need to change.

Optional Questions     

This is where you add specifications for your Pet.

Photos and videos

Good quality images and video are important.

If you can take a video and upload, this will help people see them playing and show their personality. Take the footage on grass or in a clean cleared area inside.

Tips for photographing your Pet:

Before taking your photos ensure your pet/s look their best. Brush or wipe their coat to make them look clean and eye-catching.


It’s important to get the right photo. Ensure your pet is looking at the camera, place them on something appealing, like fabric (pink for female, blue for male), a nice chair or even the green grass looks beautiful as a background.

Take a number of photos (front and side) and choose your best. Try not to have your hands around the pet as potential buyers want to see the pet not your hands. Please don't put your hands around their faces to hold the head in place, this is not a good look and doesn't show off your pet. We understand it is sometimes difficult to get photos of them and they just don't stay still. Be patient, take photos when you have plenty of time and don't rush and get upset, they are just doing what’s natural - investigating the world around them.

How to upload your photo on the site

Photos need to be in a jpg format to upload correctly. Further instruction on uploading your image can be found on the ‘Image & File Upload’ page. Click on ‘Instructions’

How to upload your video on the site

Videos must be converted into YouTube clips to upload correctly. Further instruction on uploading your video can be found on the ‘Photo and File Uploads’ page. Click on ‘Instructions’.

Featured Listings

Featured Listings receive so much more exposure than regular listings. You can feature your listing during the upload process or upgrade an existing listing.

Edit your listing

1. Login to My PetsPlease (top right)

2. Click ‘My active listings’ (on the left hand side under ‘My Account’).

4. Choose the listing that you want to edit

5. Click on the image of the piece of paper and pencil

6. Select ‘Edit’ to edit text or ‘Edit Images’ to edit photos

Pay for your listing

The checkout page will appear upon completion of your image upload. Payment can be made via PayPal or credit card.

Credit Card Payment:

Enter the details requested.

Find your listing

Your listing will appear immediately once your listing has been completed and paid for. You can view your listing by searching for using our comprehensive search box. If you cannot see your listing, please contact [email protected]

Maximise your enquiries

Each enquiry is a potential buyer, it’s important to answer all enquiries straight away.

Selling safely

Secure your Pets Please account

Only give your Username and Password to trusted parties. Do not share sensitive information in your listing.

Answering enquiries

Do not give away sensitive information to people you do not know.

Closing the deal

Always receive payment before sending any Pet or Product to the buyer.


My favourites

You can keep track of listings you are interested in by my clicking ‘Add to my Favourites’. These can be viewed later by selecting ‘My Favourites’ within your PetsPlease Account.

Enquiring about a listing

Enquire about a listing via ‘Contact Seller’ link in pink on the left side under Seller Info or by calling the phone number.


When advertising online, both sellers and buyers need to be aware that there are scammers posing as buyers and sellers that you may come into contact with.

Some Tips on how to identify Scam Listings

·         The item is priced well below the market value

·         The phone number supplied is incorrect

·         The seller requests a deposit on the item/pet

·         The seller won’t allow you to inspect or pick up the item/pet

·         The seller won’t speak to you over the phone, they only communicate by SMS or email

·         The seller changes location of the pet to another state

·         They are selling for a dead relative and now the pet is in another state so you can’t see it

Buyers also need to be aware that even though the team at PetsPlease is diligent with monitoring the authenticity of listings, occasionally a listing will slip under our radar. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

If you notice a suspicious listing please contact us at [email protected]

Tips for Buyers

·         Always speak to sellers over the phone and arrange a time to view the item/pet in person

·         Don’t put a deposit on an item/pet you haven’t seen

·         Do not transfer money until you have inspected the item/pet and are confident that the transaction is genuine

How to identify a Scam Buyer

·         They send you an SMS to contact them via their personal email address (phone number is often an international number) or want to SMS but never talk in person.

·         They send through an enquiry to contact them via their personal email address

·         They immediately state that they wish to purchase the item/pet without asking any questions

·         Their spelling and grammar is often not good and they include a long elaborate story as to why they are purchasing the item/pet

·         They insist on using PayPal as a method of payment

·         They may send through a fake email from a PayPal address stating that the money has been transferred. Check whether the transaction was authentic by going to your paypal account and checking

·         They request you to transfer money to pay their “shipping agent”

·         They offer to pay you extra to remove the listing from the site

Tips for Sellers

·         Always meet people in person

·         Talk to them on the phone at the very least, but please consider scammers can get 08 numbers which look like landlines here in Australia, if they are not from a state that starts with 08 they are from overseas. More recently I have noticed that they can get 04 numbers that look like an Australian mobile but when you call the number it will have the overseas bipping tone at the beginning, again these people will be scammers from overseas.

·         Beware of cheques as it may take several weeks for your bank to notify you that a cheque is fraudulent