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The search for your next best friend can be incredibly tedious and mind-numbing. Whatever you’re looking for, a cat or kitten, dog or puppy or any other pet, when there’s so many different breeders to choose from (or so few), it’s hard to determine where to begin. That’s why we’re here!

Pets Please are proud to offer listings across Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and everywhere else in Australia to make your quest simpler. Breeders of dogs, cats, and all creatures great and small list new litters on here daily, and using our search function you can enter the specific breed, location and source the different options – all in one place!

No matter what type of pets or pet product you’re looking for, you’ve got a top chance of finding it here. We have listings for everything that barks, meows, squawks, swims, hops, slithers and and everything else!

For all of your pet supplies online, search through our listings and be surprised with the abundance of products there is to choose from in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and all across Australia.

Are you looking for dog supplies online? Cat supplies online? We can cater for you. From collars to kennels, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect thing for sale to suit your furry, purry, feathery (or scaly!) friend.

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We also have an adoption page for you to browse through if you want to change an animal’s life for the better.

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Choosing the Right Pet for Your Lifestyle

It is no surprise that animals bring the greatest joys in your life. Having animals around can help in relieving anxiety and making you feel better. Whether it’s a dog, cat, fish, bird, or a hamster, there is an immense satisfaction of being a pet owner.

And with being a pet owner comes great responsibility. While the idea of having as many animals in your house can be fun, you must measure your capacity first in taking care of an animal. This is why choosing the right pet is vital.

Before you view our list of pet animals, here are the following pointers to keep in mind that will help you to choose the right pet.

  1. Consider your travel lifestyle.
    The first thing that you should consider is the frequency of your travel trips. Whether you're traveling to places due to work or leisure, it is essential to consider it first before getting a pet. For instance, a cat can be left alone in the house for up to two days as long as it has adequate food and water. Birds can also be left alone in the house while you're traveling, as long as you have a pet sitter checking in on them from time to time.

  2. Check your family’s medical history.
    Before you bring home a cat, dog, or even fish, make sure to check your family's medical history first. It is crucial that you know if someone in the household suffers from an allergy. Bringing a cat that sheds a lot of furs will only lead to trouble. If so, you shouldn't choose a long-haired cat to take care of in the house. There are lists of allergy-friendly pets that can live with sensitive humans to prevent an unpleasant allergic reaction.

  3. Consider your time commitment.
    Ask yourself, how much time can you commit to your pet? For instance, if you are working full-time while taking care of young kids, bringing a puppy into the house may not be a good idea. In this case, we highly recommend that you opt for retired service dogs instead. They are well-trained and obedient. Rest assured that they wouldn’t cause as much chaos and needs little to no training. It also frees you from the responsibility of training them everything they need to know as they behave accordingly.

  4. Consider your personal preference of a companion.
    What type of companion would you like to have? Dogs are needy and wanted to spend as much time with their owners. They like to play and sleep with them. Cats, on the other hand, also like to cuddle and play with their owners. But they also value their regular alone time, and they are a bit independent compared to dogs. Choose your preferred type of a companion so you can establish a healthy relationship with your new pet.

  5. Consider the number of pets.
    It is one of the most-asked questions when choosing the right pet. Should you get only one or two pets? As a general rule of thumb, it is recommended that you get a pair, so they have each other's company. It will also give you peace of mind if you travel frequently and you have to leave them alone. However, this only works if your budget and accommodation allow you to.

    But if you are a first-time pet owner, it is recommended that you only get one pet. Taking care of a pet for the first time can be overwhelming. You might want to pour all your love and attention to your 'only child,' and whenever you feel like you're ready, you can get another pet.

What You Need to Know About Pets

Here are the following tips that you need to know when choosing a dog, a cat, a bird, or a fish:


Choosing the right pet dog is essential. It would be best if you considered the breed that will suit your lifestyle and your home. Make sure to research in advance the general temperament of certain breeds that you are interested in. The size of the dog should also be considered. A larger dog requires a larger space and more food. Dog training, walk schedules, and veterinarian visits are also part of taking care of a pooch.


As mentioned earlier, they are more independent compared to other pets. They require low maintenance, and taking care of a cat is easy and hassle-free. Make sure to check the breeds first. Some breeds are known to be more affectionate than others, while some are best known for being grumpy and distant.

When taking care of a cat, you will need some litter boxes, cat food, toys, and scratching posts to keep them entertained.


If you want a bird as your pet, there are plenty of breeds that you can choose from. Budgies are a popular choice among pet owners because they are affectionate and love spending time with their masters.

Make sure that your birdcage is suitable for the size of the bird you're planning to take care of. They should be able to flap their wings without hitting the sides of the cages. But if you want some pet chickens, you should consider a backyard coop large enough to accommodate all of them.


You won't be able to cuddle your fish or see them greeting you when you get home. But they are lovely to look at and can help in managing your anxiety and stress levels. The type of fish that you're going to buy will dictate the care requirements.

For starters, all fishes will require a regular tank cleaning and maintenance of water quality. The supervision of food is also essential because fishes will never know when to stop eating their food.

Some fishes are also predatory towards others, especially if they are larger and more aggressive. You must know what type of fishes work well inside the same tank and what kind of fishes should be separate. The last thing you want to experience is your fishes devouring each other and fighting for dominance.