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Pets at Christmas Time. Is it a good idea to give a pet as a gift at Christmas?.

Published on 02.12.2014
Pets at Christmas Time. Is it a good idea to give a pet as a gift at Christmas? Giving a puppy, kitten, rabbit or any pet for Christmas may seem a great idea at the time. When you see...


Naturally Keep Your Dogs Flea Free

Published on 02.12.2014
A few nasty parasites are all it takes to start a flea party on your precious dog’s shiny fur. Once the female flea feeds and lays 4000 eggs to turn into mini draculas, all hell...


Keeping your Pets Safe in a Natural Disaster - Bush fire - Cyclones - Floods

Published on 24.11.2014
KEEPING YOUR PETS SAFE IN A NATURAL DISASTER Often Bush Fires, Cyclones, Storms and Floods come very quickly and without warning, so it pays to be prepared for both you and your pets...


Do You Need A Dog Walking Service? Questions You Should Ask Potential Walkers!

Published on 22.10.2014
If you need to hire a dog walker, there are many questions you need to ask first, to be sure this secondary caretaker can look after your dog properly. You also want to find a responsible,...


Checking Your Cat and Dog For Common Illnesses Of The Neck, Mouth and Larynx

Published on 22.10.2014
Your pet`s head and neck areas are what you look at to diagnose most of their illnesses and diseases. If you can get an early diagnosis of an enlarged lymph node, for example, could...


Do You Know What Pyometra Is In Female Dogs? Must Know Info!

Published on 22.10.2014
The word Pyometra comes from the Latin language and means a pus-filled uterus. Usually, it is seen in females dogs that are over 5 years old, but the risk of this condition goes up...


Here`s Some Great Tips For Hiking With Your Dog

Published on 22.10.2014
If you want to go hiking with your dog, here`s some super tips to follow, so that both of you have an awesome experience together. First, is to know your limits. If you and your dog...


Feeding Your Dog A Homemade Diet and How To Prevent Fussy Eaters!

Published on 22.10.2014
If you would like to start feeding your dog a homemade diet, there`s much to learn about the proper ratio of nutrients and vitamins and supplements you will need to add.These supplements...


What Is Dog Cruciate Ligament Disease in dogs. How can it be Treated

Published on 22.10.2014
A dog`s knee is very similar to that of a human, so just like a human knee, dog` s can suffer from a cruciate tear. There is no doubt about it, dog cruciate tear is the most common...


Caring for Geriatric Pets

Published on 21.10.2014
Large dogs are considered old when they reach their 6th year but it’s a little later for small dogs and cats. Elderly feline is easy to spot due to physical changes. Behavioral...


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