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Things You Should Know About Your Pet Finch to keep them healthy.

Published on 17.01.2016
If you have or want a Finch, here`s some things you need to know. You must keep them in top shape or they will become sick easily and you may lose your bird! This is due to the fact...


Keeping Pet Chickens Has Its Advantages

Published on 16.03.2015
Some people are considering chickens as pets as a recessionary tool. If times get harder, they have a renewable food source. There`s nothing better than fresh, organic eggs. Chickens...


Wouldn`t You Love To Have A Homing Pigeon?

Published on 23.10.2014
A Homing Pigeon and a Carrier Pigeon are the same bird. They are descendants of the Rock Dove. These birds have been selectively bred to be able to find their way home over extremely...


Most Common Eye Disorders in Birds

Published on 22.10.2014
Bird owners take for granted that birds get diseases too. Avian eye disorders are often overlooked which could possibly be a symptom of underlying medical problem. Birds should also...


How Birds can help with Pest Control.

Published on 08.07.2014
Birds can help you with effective pest control. You should attract birds to your garden and yards to get rid of pests. Birds eat away pests and can be highly beneficial for your garden....


Chicken Poultry Raising for Dummies

Published on 02.07.2014
Have you ever thought of becoming a self-sustaining individual? Have you ever thought of raising chickens in your own backyard? Well, you don’t really need to have a degree in...


Household Items That Can Be Toxic To Birds

Published on 12.06.2014
Birds are tuneful, pretty, smarter, and as affectionate as any other pet. Birds make very good pets. The options range from a silence and sedentary birds to a raucous macaw birds. There...


Top 5 Talking Birds

Published on 18.02.2014
When you pass a talking bird, you can’t help but stop and take a second look. Talking birds are the most celebrated animals in movies, probably next to a naughty monkey. There’s...


How Do Roosters Know When to Crow

Published on 18.02.2014
Roosters have a reputation of being on time and it seems to boss every animal in the barn. It occupies the highest position in the barn—literally—as it is always depicted...


Pigeon Racing for Beginners

Published on 18.02.2014
Mike Tyson has taken this hobby to new heights by entering his beloved birds into pigeon racing. This avian event has a wide following around the world and is taken very seriously by...


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