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Things You Should Know About Your Pet Finch to keep them healthy.

Published on Sunday, January 17, 2016 in Birds

If  you have or want a Finch, here`s some things you need to know. You must keep them in top shape or they will become sick easily and you may lose your bird! This is due to the fact that Finches, like most all birds, are highly skilled in masking their health issues, so by the time you notice they are ill, they have been so for quite some time, so pay very close attention to your Finches!

These birds are a member of the wildlife, which means there is a huge number of them that are NOT domesticated. This in turn, means they have low storage energy in relation to their body mass. These birds are friendly, but have an elusive nature, which is another reason why they can hide their health problems so easily.

They are somewhat shy with humans so you will need to be very skilled in their care, in order to determine if your bird is hiding an illness. Remember, prevention is always better than a cure and this is extremely important in Finch care!

Because they have a very high energy burn-up rate, this makes them one of the most active birds on the earth! They must be able to move around constantly, to burn that energy.

As soon as you spot a sign that your Finch is sick, you should get him to the vet as soon as possible! With today`s medicines and treatments, most diseases can be cured, if caught soon enough.

Two procedures that are essential to your bird`s health are regular worming and Coccidiosis. You need to worm your bird once every 3 months and subject them to Coccidian treatment after any period of rain . This will keep them fit and healthy against the many illnesses that can inflict them.

Read the instructions on the worming medicine, but most say to add it their their water and requires a follow-up be done using another wormer, after a few weeks. For the crippling parasite Coccidia, the treatment is pouring small amounts of Apple Cider Vinegar in their drinking water 5ml per 1 liter before the proper treatment which usually is for two days, but check the product details for correct dose. Make sure you use the right treatment dosage, to avoid complications.

Have your Finch vet-checked at least once a year and make sure they have the proper weather conditions as they can be quite sensitive the weather changes.


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