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Top 5 Talking Birds

Published on Tuesday, February 18, 2014 in Birds

When you pass a talking bird, you can’t help but stop and take a second look.  Talking birds are the most celebrated animals in movies, probably next to a naughty monkey.  There’s a reason for it: it has verbal skills. It’s not just a pirate’s accessory to his marauding plans, it serves as company too. Here are popular talking birds that people love to chat with.

Mynah1 Top 5 Talking Birds

In Asia, mynah birds are popular talking birds.  It mimics human speech with impeccable tone and voice quality.   A mynah bird who hears noodle peddlers every day can soon imitate vendor chants.  The perfect tone can trick people out of their houses expecting to see the noodle cart.  Mynah birds’ plumage is typically dark with a signature yellow ring around their neck.   These smart feathered creatures can pick up words even without lengthy training.

Amazon Parrot1 Top 5 Talking Birds

Parrots are always associated to talking.  The most commonly reared is the Amazon parrots.  These birds enjoy being around people and will respond easily even to strangers.  They’re quick-witted and will remember most of what it hears.  An advice from a parrot keeper is “Watch your mouth around your feathered friend, or be sorry that you didn’t.”  These creatures are predominantly green and can thrive on seeds, nuts and fruits.  They’re easy to train and have become a favorite companion parrots.

African Grey Parrot1 Top 5 Talking Birds

Another species of the parrot that’s a popular among bird lovers is the African grey parrot.  They’re known to have the widest vocabulary and phrases learned.  Aside from being the smartest of all birds, their beautiful silver feathers with the contrasting bright red tail make these birds simply amazing.

double yellow head Amazon parrot Top 5 Talking Birds

If you like to have a crooning bird around, the double yellow head Amazon parrot is the one to have.  It needs a little bit of training to make it sing but it’s all worth it when it has learned.  Singing birds are a big hit anywhere and it can be a perfect talking piece in parties.

Indian ringneck parakeet Top 5 Talking Birds

The Indian ringneck parakeet is like miniature parrots with a more controlled speech.  They can speak with such clear enunciation that these birds were one taught to be sacred.  It was said that some parakeets once recited the monks’ prayer in a monastery every day.  Indian ringnecks are known to recite lengthy lines and owners pride themselves for being able to teach their pets to say lines by famous people.


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