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How Birds can help with Pest Control.

Published on Tuesday, July 8, 2014 in Birds

Birds can help you with effective pest control. You should attract birds to your garden and yards to get rid of pests. Birds eat away pests and can be highly beneficial for your garden. If you want to use the birds for pest control you should make sure they come to your garden or yard. You can get a bird feeder and place it in your garden. You should place it a few feet above the ground for best results. You should give various types of seeds and cereals as birds love them and will be attracted to your garden or yard.

Here are some facts why birds could help with pest control:

1) Birds are efficient and cost effective way to control pests in your garden and yard.

2) Birds eat beetles and their viruses and can spread viral infection among pests which can result in wiping off their population.

3) Birds have their breeding season when insect population is at its peak. Many bird species produce a number of offsprings to take advantage of the large number of pests available in the form of food.

4) Birds like feeding their offspring with large number of juicy insects which provide them with necessary nutrition. This ensures that very few insects survive past the young larval stages thereby minimizing the effect of pests in your garden. This effectively reduces the insect population and keep them within the control.

5) If there is a sudden outbreak of the population of insects in your garden or yard birds can alter their diet and only eat insects. This helps wipe off their population faster and also is beneficial for the birds as they don’t need to go searching for food from one place to another.

Birds are great predators of pests and attracting them to your garden can only help you have healthy plants in your garden. If you have a severe pest problem in your garden birds don’t only control them but also effectively prevent future outbreaks of pest population. Many people install nest boxes for birds in their garden and considerably reduce the insect pest population in their garden. Pests can potentially destroy hundreds of thousands of dollars of agricultural products. Commercial pest control is expensive and also pests may come back after the pest control operation is over. Birds provide a cost effective pest control solution and ensure there are no further outbreaks and are therefore an effective solution against pest control.


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