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Household Items That Can Be Toxic To Birds

Published on Thursday, June 12, 2014 in Birds

Birds are tuneful, pretty, smarter, and as affectionate as any other pet. Birds make very good pets. The options range from a silence and sedentary birds to a raucous macaw birds. There are limitless benefits of owning a bird. One of the major benefits is that they do not require a spacious home. If you live in a rented house that does not allow dogs or cats, birds perfectly fit the bill. However, birds should be taken good care of as they are prone to many sorts of household dangers which are caused by a variety of numerous hazards. Below is a checklist of household items that can be fatal to your bird.



Lead and heavy metals

Incase you live in an old house, flaking paints, stained glasses and antique furniture can be hazardous to your bird. Also items like costumes jewelry, fishing weight, and curtain weight should be kept away from the bird as they can be fatal. These items contain zinc, cadmium, and lead which are toxic. If you suspect your bird has been chewing any of these items, take him to the vet immediately.

Household sprays

Insecticides, tile and tube cleaners, carpet fresheners, and furniture polish should also be kept away from birds because they are harmful. Hairsprays as well as aerosol deodorant are fatal too. The best rule is to take your bird outdoors on house cleaning days and bring him in only after the room has been aired thoroughly.


Tobacco is harmful to your bird’s health. Pipe tobacco, cigar and cigarette smoke may cause problems. Traces of nicotine on your hand and clothes can also cause foot problems and dermatitis if your bird comes in contact with them.

Non-stick products

Non stick coatings on pans and pots-like Teflon and Silverstone are highly toxic to birds when they overheat. A non stick ironing board can also cause problems when it scorches. The best thing is to keep all non stick products out of your house.

Plastic pot handle

Plastic handles can release poisonous fumes once they overheat. Certain types of woods may be problematic to your bird when burned in a fireplace that is poorly ventilated.

Household plants

Household plants such as holly berries, philodendron, oleander, daffodil and iris bulbs are toxic. Many fern plants are safe; however, before bringing a plant home, it is vital to check with a veterinarian in order to ensure the plant is not toxic to your bird.

The joy of owning a bird far outweighs the duties of ensuring the safety of the bird. Therefore, bird owners should be more vigilant as these items are toxic to their birds.


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