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How do I make my house safe for my cat.

Published on 06.08.2019
There are some cat owners who sometimes forget about the welfare of their furry companion until the time they get into an accident. There are plenty of stories about cats falling from...


Taking care of your Persian

Published on 02.02.2016
Persian cats are undoubtedly one of the most admired cat breeds. Eminent for their long hair and gentle personalities, Persian cats have extremely attractive features. These cats are...


Some Steps On How To Tame Wild Kittens; Patience Is Key!

Published on 22.10.2014
Most people who have sheds/stables, have cats and kittens. Most all these kittens are ferral, but you can tame them, so you can find them homes, if you are getting over run with them....


All About Your Cat`s Dental Health; Brush Those Teeth!

Published on 22.10.2014
Many cat owners don`t even think about their cat`s teeth and therefore many cats are suffering from severe dental disease. The owner`s attention gets drawn to the cat`s mouth only after...


Remedies for Cats with Hairball

Published on 22.10.2014
Hairballs or trichobezoar is quite common in many cats as they are sticklers when it comes to cleanliness hence all the licking. However, when they lick themselves clean, hairs get...


ANCATS Grand Parade Championship Show

Published on 22.10.2014
Pets Please is a proud Silver Sponsor of the Australian National Cats Inc (ANCATS) Recently Ancats held their Black & Silver theme 2014 Grand Parade Championship Show on October...


Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment of Feline Distemper

Published on 22.10.2014
Feline distemper, also known as Feline Panleukopenia, can be difficult to detect unless your cat is examined by a veterinarian. This disease, just like distemper in dogs, is life t...


What Causes Bleeding Paws In Your Cat?

Published on 22.10.2014
Have you ever heard of bleeding paws in cats? Although the cat can injure their paws in some way to cause this, there are also some more complicated reasons for bleeding paws. Most...


Your Persian Cat & The Eye Problems They Are Prone To!

Published on 09.09.2014
You should know that your Persian Cat`s eyes are very sensitive, so you should keep a check on them, so you will know if a problem develops. You should also keep the fur around the...


Which Cat Breeds Are the Most Outgoing?

Published on 07.09.2014
There are different types of cats out there that are worth considering if you plan on getting one for yourself. Just like dogs, you need to choose a cat that has a personality that...


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