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How do I make my house safe for my cat.

Published on Tuesday, August 6, 2019 in Cats and Kittens

There are some cat owners who sometimes forget about the welfare of their furry companion until the time they get into an accident. There are plenty of stories about cats falling from the window, getting stuck inside the washing machine and even ingesting harmful objects and toxic substances. Sometimes they suffer from minor injuries but there are those that meet their end because the home isn’t made safe for cats. If you don’t want your feline friend to be a statistic, it is best that you pay attention to its safety and needs.

Here are a few habits that you might want to practice for a cat-safe home.

  • Store Chocolate Candies Properly – As much as you would like to have your chocolate goodies on hand, if you have a cat at home make sure that you store them properly. Chocolate is equivalent to toxic substance for kitties and can lead to their deaths.
  • Secure Cabinets – Cats are inquisitive by nature and they will find a way to get inside cabinets. If you keep your detergents and other chemicals in cabinets that your cat can easily access, make sure that you add security measures that will prevent your cat from opening them.
  • Close the Dryer – Simple safety steps such as closing the dryer can save your kitty from being tumbled about without you noticing it. Cats love warm spaces and it might be possible that they make your dryer their home along with your clothes.
  • Honk the Horn of Your Car – If you own a car, remind yourself to honk your horn before starting your vehicle to warn off your cat that might be sleeping under the hood.
  • Use Fire Sparingly – Cats are drawn to fire that is why if you want to light candles in your living room, make sure that you watch over it to avoid any accidents. Install screens around your fireplace so your cat won’t gain access to it.
  • Close Windows Upstairs – See to it that the upstairs windows are closed properly or have screens so your cat won’t be able to open and jump down from them.
  • Keep Strings Away – If you are using string toys to entertain your feline companion see to it that you store it away after using. Yarns for crochet should be kept out of their reach since they can swallow strings that require surgery to remove. You should also store any needles or pins that you might have been using while crocheting to avoid them being swallowed by your pet.


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