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How To Clean That Nasty Pet Stain

Published on 27.06.2018
No matter how hard we try to keep our pets from having ' accidents' it just happens. Not only do you have to clean up the mess, but you must also neutralize the odor. It depends...


How to Remove Ticks off Your Pet

Published on 29.12.2015
Adventurous pets are prone to catching ticks during summer when these pesky little vampires lay eggs in warmer temperatures. Ticks have sticky shells that help them cling on unsuspecting...


Pets and New Year’s Eve

Published on 29.12.2015
New Year’s is a time of celebration and looking forward to new things. For pets that are scared of loud noises, such as thunder and fireworks, this can be an extremely stressful...


Pets Love to be Pampered Too!

Published on 29.11.2015
One out of 5 pets is made a home-cooked meal every day, a survey has revealed. On a daily basis, 20% of cats and dogs are cooked a meal by their owners. The survey found that around...


Catching Cancer Early in Pets

Published on 29.11.2015
Nowadays, pets are living a lot longer. The care, medications, and technology all are attributed to that. Unfortunately, pets still have to deal with the big “C.” One in...


Trees And Flowers That`s Toxic To Pets

Published on 29.10.2015
Spring is the time of year when many trees and flowers are blooming so it is good to know which ones are harmful to your pet. Dr. Camille De Clemente, senior director for the Animal...


How To Have A Pet-Friendly Garden

Published on 29.10.2015
It`s time for people and pets to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. Many pet owners have gardens, fertilize their yards, and may use a weed killer or insecticide. Do you first...


Dental Care Tips

Published on 29.10.2015
Recently I took a trip to the local vet and had my 6yo dog's teeth professionally cleaned after her breath was starting to smell. I was instructed by the vet to clean her teeth...


Time for a Bath!

Published on 20.07.2015
Every pet differs in how much stress is involved in while giving them a bath. It’s best to expose them to baths while they are young and make it a short and pleasant experience...


Heartworm - How To Protect Your Pet

Published on 20.07.2015
Most cat and dog owners have heard of heart worms and know it is as simple as a monthly worming regiment or a yearly injection to protect your pet. For those that do not give their...


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