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Time for a Bath!

Published on Monday, July 20, 2015 in All Animals and Pets

Every pet differs in how much stress is involved in while giving them a bath.

It’s best to expose them to baths while they are young and make it a short and pleasant experience for them.

Dogs will usually not put up too much of a fuss if the water is kept at a comfortable temperature and they get plenty of praise before, during, and afterward.

How often you bath your pet depends on their environment and skin condition. Many cats groom themselves well and with regular brushing, will rarely need a bath. Dogs, especially if living indoors, will require regular bathing about every two to eight weeks.

The choice of shampoo depends on your pet’s skin condition and your personal preference. If your pet has a medical condition such as allergic dermatitis or a bacterial infection, a medical grade product is best.

Ask your veterinarian what ingredients you should look for in a shampoo. Ones that contain oatmeal and/or aloe are helpful.

Be sure to follow the directions on the bottle. Many shampoos advise to lather for eight to ten minutes to receive the full benefit.

Sometimes the best option might be to check with other pet owners with the same breed for recommendations on what types of shampoo are the best.


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