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Does Your Pet Suffer From Storm Phobia?

Published on 27.06.2015
As winter comes, so does the stormy weather. At times, these storms can be quite intense and may have a lot of lightening associated with them. Though some pets have unreasonable phobias...


Interesting Facts on How Animals Sleep

Published on 27.06.2015
How does the goldfish sleep?” is most likely the most common question parents get from the curious little pet owner. The parent would either use Google for the answer or wait...


Learn from your Pets

Published on 28.04.2015
Pets are great sources of wisdom especially when it comes to living your life. Dogs and cats have habits that are worth imitating in real life. Here are some examples that you can implement...


Keeping Your Pet Warm this winter

Published on 15.04.2015
As temperatures begin to drop outside, pet owners need to be mindful about leaving their pets outdoors for long periods. When the temperature begins to drop, it is important to consider...


The Role Pets Play in Helping Autistic Children

Published on 04.02.2015
Pets have long been a part of man’s social evolution. Advantages of pet rearing became evident as man valued their animal companions more. It’s been scientifically proven...


Animals with a Keen Sense of Smell

Published on 06.01.2015
Humans are blessed with the sense of smell but when compared to other animals it pales in comparison. There are animals that have that extra keen sense of smell for detecting prey,...


How to Create a Pet Friendly Home

Published on 03.01.2015
For pet lovers, owning a pet means providing it with comfort, food and love all the time. Those that own cats or dogs even go beyond that by considering their pets as family members....


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