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About Us

Pets Please founder Natasha Webster grew up on a farm in the Macarthur Region of NSW and has always had a love for animals where she was surrounded by many different types.

Drawing from her love of animals Natasha developed the Pets Please website for the animal lover. Creating a place where you can find and connect with all different types of animals, breeds, products and services. There is also a Pet Friendly accommodation section for you to plan your next holiday!

Pets Please have created a comprehensive search box to make your online experience easy, friendly and helpful. The website allows buyers and sellers to interact on a 24/7 basis.

If you’re unsure which animal and breed would best fit your family and lifestyle, Pets Please “Pet Selector” lists important information regarding different breeds to help find the ideal pet for you. On each “Pet Selector” page you will find statistics such as size, life span, colour, coat length as well as ratings in 5 fields (family friendliness, trainability, energy level, grooming and hair shedding) to allow you to choose the best pet for you and your family.

To help those animals that need help the most, Pets Please offers all rescue shelters free listings.

We hope you enjoy the site.