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Caring for your pet Guinea Pig

Published on Tuesday, February 18, 2014 in All Other Small Pets

Guinea pigs can be a lot of fun for both children and adults when kept as pets. However, despite the general assumption that they are easy pets, they actually demand a considerable amount of care. Note that the environment and treatment required by a guinea pig is quite different from that given to your dogs or cats.

It is critical to keep your guinea pigs in a room separated from cats, dogs or other pets. However, if you can only provide one shelter for all your pets, then ensure that you prepare the cage so the guinea pigs never have to interact with other pets. It is also important to ensure that the room is warm enough to prevent their exposure to respiratory diseases. In addition, although guinea pigs are small, they require ample space so they can move about.

Guinea pigs are happier when grouped, which is why keeping them in groups is recommended. However, due to problems like disease transmission and compatibility, pairing them is generally preferred. This should only be done once you have established that they are compatible and the same sex. For instance, placing three or more male pigs together could easily result in fights.

Commercial food for guinea pigs that is formulated to meet their nutritional needs could be bought. Note that they require lots of Vitamin C, which they could get from fresh vegetables like cabbage or kale. Your veterinarian may also recommend certain vitamin supplements as well. Guinea pigs could also be given fresh treats such as melon slices or apples, as long as you ensure that the seeds have been removed since they are toxic.

Although guinea pigs are always grooming themselves, you should also brush and comb their hair regularly so it remains clean and tangle-free. In addition, their cages require daily cleaning and disinfecting to get rid of waste, while the beddings and cage furnishing should be replaced regularly to discourage the accumulation of bacteria. The feeding tools should also be cleaned daily.

Guinea pigs are sensitive animals that are prone to stress, which is one reason why they must be handled with care. When picking it up, ensure that one hand is placed under the Guines Pigs chest just behind its front legs, and then gently cup the other hand under its hindquarters. Ensure your grip is firm but gentle grip before lifting the animal, and then gently place it on your lap or pull it to your chest to help it feel safe so it remains calm.


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