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Ferret Proper Care Guide

Published on 02.02.2016
Ferrets are bright and playful pets that enjoy interacting with their owners. Like other pets, ferrets require a plan for their care, health and feeding routines. Ferret care includes...


Some information about owning a Ferret

Published on 18.02.2014
Before ferrets became the cute little pets they are today, they were used to hunt down and dig out rabbits, from their burrows. If you are considering buying one, make sure you get...


The very Unique Praying Mantis

Published on 18.02.2014
Having a pet Praying Mantis is a good school science project for your child.They are a little complicated but fairly easy to care for. The Praying Mantis goes through shedding his skin...


Caring for your pet Guinea Pig

Published on 18.02.2014
Guinea pigs can be a lot of fun for both children and adults when kept as pets. However, despite the general assumption that they are easy pets, they actually demand a considerable...


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