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Border Collie

Description The Border collie is a popular pet and also sadly one of the breeds that is often rehomed when he reaches adolescence. A lot of owners just cant keep up with him so give him away and miss out on a life with the most faithful and loyal dog that they could ever have.
With a busy mind and high intelligence the Border collie learns quickly and easily. He loves activities such as agility, flyball and search and rescue. The Border collie is the ideal dog for a trainer that wants a quick, clever and friendly partner for a working life.
Bred for herding, initiative and high energy this collie has a high demand for exercise, activities or if possible, jobs that will keep him stimulated physically and mentally. If left idle he will find something to keep him busy which can be destructive sometimes. The inactive Border collie can become reactive, start to chase light and shadows and even become depressed.
Height Males 48 - 53cm, Females 46 - 51cm
Weight 12 - 20 Kg
Body Size Medium
Life Span 13 - 16 Years
Hypoallergenic No
Colours Black and White, Blue and White, Red and White, Chocolate and White, Blue Merle and -Tri-Colour Black Tan and White.
Coat Length Medium - Long
Housing Outdoor
Family Friendliness
Energy Level
Hair Shedding
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