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What Dogs are best suited for Apartment living?

Published on Tuesday, February 2, 2016 in Dogs and Puppies

Dog lovers say that any kind of breed is capable to live in an apartment. The only question is if owners will be devoted enough to give the pets time for exercise. Canines may have fitted in with the human society but their animal instincts require them move or they’ll gain weight easily. They also become agitated if kept in an enclosed space for a long time and that pent up energy can be mistaken for aggressiveness. By providing regular exercise, your pet can maintain a healthy mind and body in your living quarters.

You need also remember that the size of the dog does not matter. Energy management is the key to having a dog companion in an apartment. But each breed has a genetic characteristic from which breeders define their adaptability and behaviour. For example, the Chihuahua is not really ideal for apartment living mainly because they’re always hyper and get nervous quickly. When that happens, it will bark incessantly which could annoy the neighbors. Here are the best choices for apartment dogs according to dog breed experts.

The pug is an affectionate pet but can also be energetic and excited. This rambunctious pup is smart and it has a tendency to just turn around when it gets bored with its playmate. It is sensitive to the call of his name and it will follow once reprimanded. They only grow up to 25-30cm  tall and as heavy as 9 kilos. Just remember that these adorable creatures are prone to allergies so keeping the apartment clean is a must. Regular walks satisfy easily pugs as they are really inactive outdoors because of the comfortable indoor temperature. The pug is undemanding and the short fur makes them easy to groom.

The mini schnauzer is a good dog for apartment life as it tends to be calmer indoors. Just like any energetic small dog, it requires simple walks or jogs daily. They are tender, devoted and docile to their owners; which make these dogs a good company for aged peace-loving people. Socialization is also important for all dogs so they don’t get excited when they get out of the apartment.

Basset hounds are irresistible, mild-mannered pups that make an excellent apartment dweller. Their droopiness is actually a sign of obedience but they can also be fun with slight house romping. Second to the bloodhound with the keen sense of smell, they will get distracted by new scents. This alertness is useful for unannounced guests who are just about to knock on the apartment door. Be sure to keep food safe from these crafty stealers because they love to eat but don’t move about much.


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