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Tips and Safety Info if you plan on having some fun on Halloween with your pet.

Published on Thursday, October 29, 2015 in Dogs and Puppies

 you and your pet plan on dressing up for Halloween and maybe going out to celebrate, here`s some things to know, to help you get ready for a night of fun!

It will more than likely take some persuasion to get your pooch to wear his costume, so you will want to start several weeks beforehand. You should use treats to reward him for keeping the costume on. First, let him smell it and rub it on him until he is comfortable with it, then drape it over him, for a minute, then praise him and give the treat. Do this a couple times everyday, leaving it on a little longer every time.

Next, you can put it on him and secure it with the velcro closures, usually under the neck and belly. Leave it just a second, then undo and reward him with a treat. Do this each day, going for longer periods of time, until he will wear it with no issues. Be aware this could take quite some time, so go slow!

Some dogs will simply be too afraid of it and get or stay stressed out, if you can even get it on them, so if this is the case, you may want to drop the costume idea and opt for maybe a Halloween T-shirt, Bandana or Collar.

If you can get your pooch to wear a costume, you will need to check it, for a correct fit, make sure it is not  constricting him anywhere. Make sure it is not hampering his sight, hearing, breathing, barking or movement in any way. Also, make sure it won`t cause your dog to become overheated. Look for things that might choke him or that could be poisonous and don`t ever leave him unattended while dressed in his costume. Make sure you remove any rubber bands!  as per

For going out, make sure you keep your pooch on a leash, so he doesn`t get around Jack O` Lanterns, any other candle-lit decorations or the road. Remember there will be pranksters on this night, so never let him outside alone! He may be stolen, or worse! Make sure he has his collar with ID tag on.

Even if you`re at someone`s home for a Halloween Party, keep your dog with you at all times! You should also take some treats, to reward him for good behavior and also so he is getting a "treat" too! If you and your pooch are staying in to greet trick or treaters, make sure he doesn`t get out each time you open the door.

A MUST are costumes with reflectors, so he can be seen by cars! If you have a very timid dog, you may want to put him in another room until trick or treating is over. Whether staying in or going out, have a SAFE & HAPPY HALLOWEEN


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