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Things to do when taking your Dog to Work

Published on Tuesday, August 6, 2019 in Dogs and Puppies

There are several companies nowadays that are allowing their employees to bring their pets with them to help boost production and creativity in the work place. This also helps workers to take a break from their desk and enjoy the outdoors with their pets. As a dog owner who will be bringing your pet pooch to your office, you should know the proper etiquette that comes along with this perk. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind when bringing your dog to the workplace.

  • Give Space to Your Pet – Make sure that you provide your pet with his own place like a dog bed or pillow so he won’t become too territorial.
  • Teach Good Behaviour – Since you will be bringing your pet to work, it is important that it knows how to behave well. Keep in mind that a noisy and aggressive dog can disrupt life in the office instead of creating harmony.
  • Always Supervise – Just because you are allowed to bring a pet to work doesn’t mean that you should let it roam free. It is important that you keep an eye on your pet pooch while at work so it won’t run around.
  • Housebreak Your Dog First – Your dog should be housebroken first before you bring it to work so it won’t poop or pee inside the office. Take your dog outside from time to time so it can do its business.
  • Keep Your Dog Healthy and Vaccinated – Bringing your dog to work means it will be interacting with other people and pets hence you need to make sure that its vaccines are all updated and that your pet doesn’t have any illnesses that can be caught by other dogs.
  • Exercise with Your Pet – It is ideal that you exercise with your dog first before going to the office. A 30 minute walk can be beneficial to you and your dog. If the breed that you own needs more time than this let him use a dog backpack. Let him get acquainted with other dogs in your office in a neutral area.
  • Don’t Feed Dogs in the Office – Don’t feed your dog biscuits, cookies or any other treat while in the office especially when there are other animals around. It is safe to have a water bowl on hand though.

Keeping these things in mind can help make you and your pet’s office experience a more enjoyable one.


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