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SUCCESSFUL SELLING TIPS and How to mark your listing with SOLD

Published on Tuesday, August 6, 2019 in Pets Please



When selling a pet, to make your Listing stand out and catch the eye of potential buyers, it is very important to include at least one “hero” photo - more if possible - that really shows off your pet. Don’t forget you can include up to 20 photos in Pets Please Listings!

Remember to take the background into account when taking photos, a picturesque background can help enhance your pet.

Overall, ensure the photos are of good quality and clear.

Upload YouTube footage of your pet playing. This is a feature that Pets Please allows users at no cost. There is no better way to showcase your pet by providing real life footage, this will definitely win the hearts of potential buyers.

Ensure you include as much information as possible in your advert and answer all enquiries as quickly as possible.

Once your pet is sold, login to your account and click on “my active listings” and click the “sold” button on the right of "Manage this listing" the button looks like a piece of paper in a box, when pressed "sold" in red will appear in the box, click it again and "sold" will be removed from your listing. (Please see image below the sold has been circled in yellow)  This will keep your listing displayed and marked as sold.  The benefits of marking as sold rather than deleting means you can refer back to your listing at any time and if your sale falls through, you can activate your listing again with one simple click.

If you have a great photo in your listing, your pet may be eligible to be chosen as a featured pet in the Pets Please newsletter and/or Facebook page.

If you require any help, please contact your team [email protected].



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