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Published on Thursday, December 3, 2015 in Pets Please


So your life is on track... Most of your dreams and plans have been met or are well on their way. You have yourself a lovely home that you keep clean and well organised. Everything is in its place. The house is well furnished with lovely collectable and desirable pieces – no dust for the eye to see. What a perfect picture this depicts… Or does it?

Night after night in this peaceful and serene dwelling with nothing out of place, there is that deep unsettling, nagging thought that something is missing. What could it be? The house is perfect, the career is well on its way and that gorgeous, sleek car in the garage makes all your old school buddies blind with jealousy.

Maybe you need a pet? Give it a moment to let that surprising thought soak in. A kitten or a puppy to liven up the ‘oh too quiet’ echoing throughout the hall ways. Where there has been no sound, let the endearing squeaks of a tiny kitten or the whimpering cries of a cute puppy fill the rooms.


Pet ownership can be immensely rewarding and compares to no other. To be responsible for one of these precious little souls brings a whole lot of love your way. These darlings will love you unconditionally and without waiver. You just have to look in their eyes to see this, no words are necessary. All you have to do is give them a safe home and care for them well, to receive their respect, adoration and companionship.

Not surprisingly, people living with pets are more content plus the added bonus from recent studies that show pet ownership may lower blood pressure! Who could ask for more?


Once you get to know your little furry companion, you will wonder how you ever got along without him/her. You will find yourself telling them about your day, while their heads are tilted to one side, intent to understand what master is saying. This new and rewarding responsibility will give you a sense of warmth that is incomparable to the other achievements in your life.

Whether you buy from a breeder or adopt from a shelter the joyful outcome will be the same. The availability of pet products too has become more prevalent – you just have to search on line to see the great choices for your precious pets….what are you waiting for?



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