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How do I clean my Dog's Teeth

Published on Tuesday, August 6, 2019 in Dogs and Puppies

Dental problem and diseases affect your canine pet when they reach the age of three. In fact, studies show that 78% of dogs are prone to dental health risks when they are over three years old. There are several problems affecting dogs and most of these periodontal dilemmas are the same concerns in humans. Gingivitis and mild tartar are common dental issues among dogs. There are various symptoms including receding gums, tooth loss and significant inflammation among others. It is very important to deal with dental problems concerning your canine buddy pronto.


Why keep your dog’s teeth clean and healthy?

Left unaddressed, dental issues may escalate to more serious ailments especially when the bacteria enter the bloodstream. Poor dental health of dogs may result to broken blood vessels located in the gums. Once the bacteria enter the bloodstream, it could travel to other vital organs of the body and have pressing effects. This may lead to serious ailments and conditions such as kidney and liver diseases as well as cardiac or heart problems. Just like any other medical issues, prevention is always better than cure! According to experts, keeping your pet’s teeth healthy and clean is equivocal to extending their lives by 3 to 5 years more.


How do you properly care for your dog’s teeth?

Regardless of what dog breed you have, there are painless and sure-fire ways on how you could keep your dog’s teeth clean and healthy. The initial step is consulting a veterinarian for professional advice and instruction. A visit to the vet may include dental exam especially if your dog is already suffering from dental disease. Vets inspect the gums and teeth and remove plaque and tartar. X-rays are likewise done to ensure thorough diagnosis. If your pet has any loose teeth, it means that the decay is already at the roots. Loose teeth are pulled. Only after all the dental issues or problems are addressed could the brushing begin!

Important pointers to remember

The perfect time for brushing your pet’s teeth is everything! It is best to brush their teeth when they just woken or are sleepy. Brush their teeth before feeding so that they see their meal as a reward for a good teeth cleaning. Choose the right pet-friendly toothpaste, tools or brush and make the brushing as comfortable for them as you can. This means you have to be extra gentle while making sure their teeth is thoroughly cleaned. Give your dog a reward or praise him after brushing.


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