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Going To The Dog Park? Here's Some Guidelines Of Etiquette

Published on Thursday, April 7, 2016 in Dogs and Puppies

Whether you live in the middle of the city or a small country town it`s always a better experience when people and pets know how to behave. A nice day at the park is the perfect opportunity to meet and play with other dogs and run in large areas off leash while safe from traffic hazards. By knowing proper dog park etiquette, you can ensure that your pet is safe and happy in these public areas.

Here are some guidelines of etiquette; Know how your dog acts with other dogs before going to the park as there can be a great deal of people there. Be realistic, not idealistic about your dog. Is he an older dog that is being bothered by a young puppy or is he timid and shy? Maybe he is being a bully to another dog.

These parks are great places for animal as well as human interaction, just be sure to watch your pet very carefully. If your dog hasn't been introduced to many strange dogs on a regular basis, he may need time to adjust to the many different personalities encountered at a dog park. Be ready to accept that your dog may not be an appropriate one to be in the dog park or may not enjoy the company of other dogs. While dog parks are great fun for some dogs, they can be stressful for others, and of course, if your dog is acting aggressively in the park, please leave.

It's important to ensure your pet is current on all shots and wear a tag containing name and phone number, which can be obtained at most vets and pet shops. Make sure your dog has plenty of water and always bring a bag or two, so you can clean up after your pet.

Above all, make sure your dog is well-socialised before going to the park. You can socialise them by exposing them to new environments and people a little at a time, making a good association and an experience the dog enjoys. A dog park can be too overwhelming for an unsocialised pet.


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