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Dogs Please Clicker Training

Published on Wednesday, February 25, 2015 in Pets Please

  Dogs Please Clicker Training Programme

proudly brought to you by Pets Please

What a great way to start a brand new year by learning how to train your dog in a kind and positive manner.


  We are excited to bring to our users 

Dogs Please Clicker Training for FREE!   





You will have the chance to ask questions and comment on the week


Meet our members that have joined the

Dogs Please Clicker Training group


Clicker Training - A bit about the author Sally

Sally is a member of the International Society of Animal Professionals. She is a qualified British Military dog trainer and trainer of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. Sally is soon to be fully qualified Canine Behaviour Manager and has rehabilitated many rescue dogs.


The Training

The idea with good dog training is to really understand the dog in your home as the species that he is.


Let’s face it dogs are wonderful, easy going, loyal and more than happy to be our family and best friends. The idea behind the creation of the next few weeks is that you begin to understand your dog better, for the animal that he is, and also learn to communicate with him in a language that he understands.


When we appreciate our resident dog for the animal that he has evolved into and apply our teaching directly to the way that he learns, based on kind scientific findings, we can have the best relationship ever with the canine within the home.


The next few weeks are going to show you the best approach when teaching your dog anything new, show you how he learns and help you to teach basic commands whilst also helping you to understand how your dog interprets everything in his life. From good understanding comes great dog training and from kind communication comes excellent canine behaviour.


Whether you have a new puppy or an older dog you will benefit from this learning opportunity. 

We look forward to the next few weeks and to seeing your shared experiences when you play the games that we include, this is going to be fun!



Thank you




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