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Avoid Pet Scams

I would like to tell you about pet scams that are appearing on websites across Australia. If you are considering purchasing a new pet then you need to read this.

Since we started Pets Please we have been working hard to identify and remove any pet listings that appear to be a scam. We would like to give you some advice on how to avoid being caught up in a scam.

1. Scam listings at first look like a normal listing, typically they have a cute photo of a pet and are usually priced at a discount to stimulate interest from buyers.

2. The sellers of scam listings are usually only contactable by email. Although on our website they must include a phone number, such numbers are usually false or you will need to leave a message. You should be concerned if they reply by SMS or email only and do not want to call you as they are most probably overseas, always ask to talk by phone and be wary of any excuses if they can't. Â Once you have spoken to them on a phone then at least you know they are most likely in Australia.

3. Do not send any money to any Western Union bank account even if it is a small amount for transportation of your pet as I am sure you won't see your money or your new pet.

4. Do not transfer money to any seller until you have inspected the pet or verified that the seller is a trusted supplier. It is best to find a breeder that is close enough for you to visit, before you hand over any of your hard earned money. This will allow you to check that the pet is everything you wanted and expected, and gives you an opportunity to look at the conditions the pet was raised in and if possible to view the parents.

5. In Australia we do have some very good pet breeders concerned for the pets they breed and want their pets to go to the right homes, so be patient and wait till the right one comes along, and you won't be disappointed.

To read more about pet scams go to the Australian Government website at

If you do see anything on our website that you believe to be fraud or scam please email me at or phone Natasha on 0419425690. Thank you for reading this notice and I hope you find your forever pet without any problems.