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NEW Dog breeder regulations for Queensland

Published on 04.06.2017
The Queensland Dog Breeder Register is open for registration. You have up to 28 days after your first litter is born to register. The Queensland Government has introduced new laws to...


Pets Please

WALK TO FIGHT ANIMAL CRUELTY! - Million Paws Walk: Sunday 15 May

Published on 08.04.2016
WALK TO FIGHT ANIMAL CRUELTY! Million Paws Walk: Sunday 15 May It's time to dust off those joggers! Australia's most celebrated dog walk is back! Million Paws Walk is the RSPCA's...


Dogs and Puppies

Does Your Dog Suffer From Constipation? Some Home Remedies!

Published on 08.04.2016
If you have an older dog, you know they can suffer from constipation, but the two main causes of this are poor diet and not enough exercise, for dogs and humans. These two areas are...


Dogs and Puppies

Going To The Dog Park? Here's Some Guidelines Of Etiquette

Published on 08.04.2016
Whether you live in the middle of the city or a small country town it`s always a better experience when people and pets know how to behave. A nice day at the park is the perfect opportunity...


Dogs and Puppies

Preparing Home Cooked Meals For Your Dog Is Actually Quite Simple

Published on 03.02.2016
If you are interested in cooking your dog his meals, you should know most nutritionists recommend a diet of 30% vegetables, 40% protein and 30% carbohydrates. Most cheap dog foods will...


Cats and Kittens

Taking care of your Persian

Published on 03.02.2016
Persian cats are undoubtedly one of the most admired cat breeds. Eminent for their long hair and gentle personalities, Persian cats have extremely attractive features. These cats are...


All Other Small Pets

Ferret Proper Care Guide

Published on 03.02.2016
Ferrets are bright and playful pets that enjoy interacting with their owners. Like other pets, ferrets require a plan for their care, health and feeding routines. Ferret care includes...


Dogs and Puppies

What Dogs are best suited for Apartment living?

Published on 03.02.2016
Dog lovers say that any kind of breed is capable to live in an apartment. The only question is if owners will be devoted enough to give the pets time for exercise. Canines may have...



Things You Should Know About Your Pet Finch to keep them healthy.

Published on 18.01.2016
If you have or want a Finch, here`s some things you need to know. You must keep them in top shape or they will become sick easily and you may lose your bird! This is due to the fact...


All Animals and Pets

How to Remove Ticks off Your Pet

Published on 30.12.2015
Adventurous pets are prone to catching ticks during summer when these pesky little vampires lay eggs in warmer temperatures. Ticks have sticky shells that help them cling on unsuspecting...


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