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Dog Clicker Program

 Dogs Please Clicker Training Programme

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Pets Please

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Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8
Week 9
Week 10
Week 11
Week 12

Sammy 9

Trainer: Natasha Webster

Eddie 2

Trainer: Lucy Webster

Nanook 3

Trainer: Sarah West

Cooper 1

Trainer: Emily Joyner

Katie 1

Trainer: Isabella Elisha

Ben 1

Trainer: Diana Porter

Buddy 3

Trainer: Melissa Barone

Shadow 1

Trainer: Lyn Gampe

Chloe 3

Trainer: Karen Howarth

Abbee 2

Trainer: Teena Pitt

Lila Rose 9

Trainer: Tracey King

Lexi 1

Trainer: Stacie Hunt

DJ 1

Trainer: Rebecca

Bindi 4

Trainer: Talia Bannon

Peppy 2

Trainer: Claudia Di Pasqua

Hunter 1

Trainer: Chloe Monk

Ginny 2

Trainer: Sally Jimenez

Coco 1

Trainer: Alana Pastore

Jolteon Clarke-Rocke 1

Trainer: John Rocke

Miss Molly 1

Trainer: Sue Clarke

Ollie 1

Trainer: Karinda Smith

Kiba 6

Trainer: Jane Moran

Rexi 3

Trainer: Komal Shah

Muffin and Mia 2

Trainer: Jasmine Jensen

Peppy 1

Trainer: Olivia Di Pasqua

Panda 1

Trainer: Anna Luk

Tobias 3

Trainer: Leanne Plumb

Rue 1

Trainer: Hayley

Bella 1

Trainer: Kaitlyn Ngati

Zoe 1

Trainer: Katie Humphries

Lady 3

Trainer: Ann Clark

Nel 1

Trainer: Jessica Boag

Penny 1

Trainer: Rachel Dooley

Coco 1

Trainer: Natalie Lang

Toby 1

Trainer: Katie Van Bree

Frankie 1

Trainer: Stephanie Tsoutsoulis

Buddy, Kaos and Lag 1

Trainer: Brooke Mathies

Jabber 1

Trainer: Allaina Fengler-Bailey

Coco 3

Trainer: Sasha Grimes

Paris 0

Trainer: Ebony Hunter

Copper 1

Trainer: Brodie Kendall

Beemo 6

Trainer: Kirra Lynam

Abby 2

Trainer: Diane Russell

Flossy 4

Trainer: Julia Adams

Louie 2

Trainer: Emily Bousen-Groessler

Jed 0

Trainer: Lisa Willis

Layla 3

Trainer: Trish Ramsay