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Dogs Please Clicker Training WEEK 1

Published on 18.03.2015
Remote & Positive Dog Training Introduction Hello and welcome. We are really pleased that you have joined us here, at Pets Please, to learn how to train your dog in a kind and positive...


Dogs Please Clicker Training WEEK 2

Published on 18.03.2015
Week Two Establish a Reinforcer By this point you should have your clicker ready to go. We will move on to tuning your dog into it shortly but first I want to let you know exactly how...


Dogs Please Clicker Training WEEK 3

Published on 18.03.2015
Week 3 Welcome back. Really understanding the clicker and how it works will bring you to dog training success. Most people can click towards a dog and reward a behavior within a second...


Dogs Please Clicker Training WEEK 4

Published on 18.03.2015
Week 4 How are you getting on? Your training may, at this point, be going swimmingly or you may have ground to a halt. If it’s the latter then you may recognize what I’m...


Dogs Please Clicker Training WEEK 5

Published on 18.03.2015
Week 5 Universal Lessons Hi and welcome back. As I have already mentioned I do not want to give you step by step instructions for everything that you are going to teach. I would rather...


Dogs Please Clicker Training Week 6

Published on 18.03.2015
Week 6 Proofing and Variable Reward This is my favourite week because this is when we get into the task of strengthening everything that your dog has learned so far. This week we are...


Dogs Please Clicker Training WEEK 7

Published on 18.03.2015
Week Seven Focus on Attention I wanted to give you an entire week to focus on the act of attention alone. This is because attention and the result of it will, without a doubt, shape...


Dogs Please Clicker Training WEEK 8

Published on 18.03.2015
Week Eight Being Consistent Consistency is something that I learned relatively late in my dog training career. Yet it is vitally important and my life would have been a lot easier had...


Dogs Please Clinker Training WEEK 9

Published on 18.03.2015
Week Nine Teaching Recall Welcome back! How are you getting on? We have all the basics together now and I hope that you are really starting to communicate with your dog in a consistent...


Dogs Please Clicker Training WEEK 10

Published on 18.03.2015
Week Ten Target and Trickery Hi and welcome back, how did the recall training go last week? We thought maybe it’s time to have some fun with your dogs and practice some more targeting....


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