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Small Antler Chews - Fresh from the Farm!

$16.00 AUD

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Description: The super long lasting, nutrient rich chew for your small dog. These antlers are a minimum length of 10cm.

Are you wondering about antlers? What's all the rage?

Fresh from the farm deer antler are the most natural, durable and beneficial dog treat you can paw-sibly imagine… And here are a few reasons why antlers for dogs are such a great thing!

- They’re cruelty free. Collected from naturally shed deer antler.
- They’re packed full of goodness to promote brain growth & healthy digestion.
- They last a REALLY long time (compared to other treats, at least). You can expect to get 1 -3 months from your antler chew.
- They’re odourless – making them ideal for indoor chewing.

Antlers for Dogs are sourced from naturally shed fallow deer from our property in the Hunter Valley.

Unlike store bought antler – ours are 100% natural and arrive at your door in exactly the same way they leave the farm. There is no treating, boiling or preserving – making them safer for your dog, and softer which minimises the risk of tooth breakage.

What makes antler such a good chew toy for dogs?

Dogs have been chewing on antlers probably as long as they have both existed, but only recently have city dogs had the chance to sink their teeth into them.

Without getting too sciencey on you – antlers are unique to the deer family and are composed of a bone-like material which regenerates each year.

The hardened antlers are a result of mineralized cartilage and are composed of protein, calcium and phosphorous.glucosamine, chondroitin

In the centre of the antler is a softer portion that is tastier to dogs and is similar to marrow. This marvellous concoction is irresistible to most dogs.

Our Antlers for Dogs are:

Packed with vitamins & minerals.
Super durable and long lasting – ideal for the extra chewy, sometimes destructive dog.
Tasty and appealing to dogs!
Stank free! Perfectly safe for indoor chewing as they leave no stinky residue.
An excellent tee