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Bob Jane (Special Diet Kitten)

Domestic Short Hair $140.00 AUD


Size: Small
Hair Length: Short Hair
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: Thursday, May 7, 2015
Description: Bob Jane came into care around 2.5 – 3.5 weeks of age. He was found abandoned by its mother in a tyre hence the name Bob Jane.
It became apparent within a few days that he was not 100% and over the course of the following week he was having issues with his toileting and not being able to pass his waste.

His foster carers had to help Bob Jane expel his faeces as he was not able to do this on his own. He needed constant attention to ensure that he did not have a build-up of faeces and that he was getting it out of his body as he could not do it on his own. The kittens initial diagnosis from the vet from grim and it was thought that he would not make it. Despite the issue, Bob Jane and his carers fought for his survival. With the help of one of our wonderful vets we were able to assist Bob Jane and he has been able to enjoy his life as a wonderful playful inquisitive kitten.

As Bob Jane has grown his issue has gotten better and with the right diet he is able to toilet on his own and act and play as a normal kitten but still needs someone to diligently look after him in case of a relapse. His poop are kept quite soft with the fibre. He still sometimes needs a little help to ensure his backend is clean and he benefits from a regular bath.
His main ongoing care is the preparation of his food which is just wet food with some added water and the fibre power fixed into it.

Bob Jane is on a diet of High quality wet/soft kitten food with added fibre supplements twice a day. There is a chance that Bob Jane may further medical treatment in the future and may benefit from a corrective surgery once he is old enough. It’s hard to say what the future will hold for Bob but he is happy to be a playful kitten who purrs through anything.

Bob Jane is available to be adopted into a new home and we are looking
for a SPECIAL person who is willing to look after him and to provide for his special diet and ongoing needs.
Microchip Numbers: 900079000028492