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QLD - Pally (f/6y)

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Size: Medium
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: Wednesday, December 12, 2012
Date Available: Friday, December 21, 2018
Description: QLD - Pally (f/6y) Available for ADOPTION!

Queensland!! Our very special girl Pally has been progressing so well in the Foster Home of one of our volunteers since she arrived in Brisbane, she is now ready to find her forever home (and boy, is she going to be missed 😭)

As you remember, Pally is a very sweet natured, deaf girl. She takes just a little while to warm up and work out her surroundings and just needs a little bit of space whilst she does this. Once she’s ok in herself about who’s who and where everything is, she relaxes and that’s when you’re in for a real treat.

Her two biggest loves are her slobbery rope toy and CUDDLES! Yep, she’s a real smoocher and is not at all shy about getting them from you.

She’s house trained, though hasn’t quite found her feet just yet in the back yard, she still keeps an eye on the back door whilst she’s out there and runs straight back in once she’s finished her important business. Like any dog, once her confidence builds in her surroundings, she’ll enjoy the yard much better and will love spending time out there with you as she loves a good run around.

When Pally gets comfortable, she takes over your house. She thinks she owns the couch, and has just discovered how comfy other peoples beds are, however her real safe spot is her own bed - it’s her bedroom, she feels safe there and uses it as her quiet space.

She has been residing with two other dogs and is enjoying the company of them, however is slightly more human focused so she could also benefit from a family with children, so long as they are old enough to understand how to be around her.

So here is the list Pally has put together of the things she needs ongoing from you:
- Your patience, and plenty of it
- Time, she will take as much time as she needs to work her way into your family, don’t expect an overnight success
- “Sit” training as she hasn’t quite mastered that one yet
- Food guarding training to help her be more comfortable around meal ti
Microchip Numbers: 978101081861023
Breeder Identification Number: BIN0001793157740

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