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Reduced Price For Beautiful Pure Bred Pups

Staffordshire Bull Terrier $1,000.00 AUD each
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Size: Medium
Gender: 6 males, 0 females
Date Available: Saturday, November 24, 2018
Description: Breeder Supply number CRM:0271305 with QLD Government
ID nuber BIN0004227973848

7 weeks old and weighing in at around a whopping 3kg already, these pups are going to be solid! All boys and all different colours and personalities.
Pommie - the Mummy is a fantastic first time Mum who weighed in before pregnancy at 25kgs. (my baby girl all grown up!) Daddy is 'Frank the Tank' - over 30kgs of henched gentleness. 10 pups later and we're keeping one girl and Frank keeping a son.

Sold 2 so 6 left - all vet checked and flea'd, wormed and will be chipped and vax'd on departure

Fang, Fig, Fizz, Flex, Flip and Fred shown in photo order Then some pics of Mum and Dad and Uncle Turk!


Fang has a feet fetish and when you come in the room will run straight up to your feet and if you have socks on - even better! He'll hang on and be pulled around!

Fig is the runt but boy, he is fiesty and tells the others in no uncertain terms who is boss! Beautiful tiger stripes.

Fizz is very playful and has a knack of finding empty toilet roll holders or small tupperware containers and will proudly strut around with them in his mouth. Gorgeous tiger stripes.

Flex paws to be picked up and if you don't and are standing still he will just sprawl across your feet as the next best thing to a cuddle.

Flip has defied the odds and is a real tough nut....had pneumonia the first week, got trapped //behind the water bed a week later and I thought that was it, then got dehydrated/overheated 2 weeks ago. He is now the biggest of the lot and will be a big boy! Huge personality.

Fred has Dad's personality - very laid back and calm! He will sit back and watch before joining in rather than bundling in. Got same stripes as Dad too!

Their eyes and all going green like Dad's which is very rare.

Have loads of photos of each so let me know which ones you like and I can send more. Prices start at $1000.

Not yard dogs! Breed not listed.